May 2024 Updates

 Hello everyone, I have been away for a while but I'm back now with lots of updates!

  • I had to reduce down the Ecwid Store from 100 items to 10 to make things more manageable and save money so I can keep it going. 
  • I've posted more items in my Etsy Shop and will be posting most of my items there going forward. The reason being my etsy shop gets more traffic and is more affordable.
  • Coupon codes no longer work in the Ecwid store.
  • $10 and over free shipping is only valid in the Etsy Shop.
  • Since I had to reorganize the products there might be some dead links and missing items. Rest assured I am working on it.
  • Another major update is that I have changed to only doing orders within the USA. It's much more doable with my jobs and current schedule.
  • I removed the newsletter and the chatbox.
  • I'm starting to post again on Rock Resurrection Art facebook
    page. So go check it out!

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