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Monday, January 13, 2020

Ways to reuse old items: Tips & Suggestions

 I really like being able to re-use things and create less waste. Part of the "Resurrection" in Rock Resurrection Art is being able to give items meant for the garbage or recycling new life. For example: plastics, cardboard and more

Ways to reuse old items: Tips & Suggestions

Here are a couple of things I do (some of these are obvious but I'll share them anyway):
  1. If you get paper bills or have paper with a blank side you can easily reuse that paper in your printer or as scratch paper.
  2. Containers like plastic and glass can be cleaned and reused for storage of art supplies and other things. Mason jars and shoe boxes are super useful! Same with prescription bottles.
  3.  Plastic and paper bags can be reused. Small bags can be used for picking up dog's mess during a walk.
  4. An old t-shirt can be cut into pieces and turned into a handkerchief. These are great when you have a cold and your nose is raw and regular tissue isn't strong enough.
  5. Chopsticks work nicely in small or medium indoor plants to prop up leaves and weak stems.
  6. Bottle caps can be useful if you're a jewelry maker since they provide a study base on which to create a pendant or something else. They can also be easily flattened or crushed after you boil them for a bit. Bottle caps also make good candle flame snuffers.
  7. Old bits of crayon can be turned into a decorative candle. 
  8. Old socks are actually great for dusting blinds and ledge areas. They can also be slipped on to a swiffer sweeper mop to catch hair and dirt and get washed. 

Do you have any ideas to add to this list?
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