New work coming up!

 I've long collected "cocktail animals" by asking for them just about any chance I got (not just for alcoholic drinks). These are the different kinds I have...just a small portion of my colorful pile (pictured on the left). I have a monkey, donkey, mermaid (favorite), giraffe, bull, camel, elephant and some cocktail garnish swords as well. I'm planning to harden them in epoxy resin and use them as charms. I love how they are colorful and semi-transparent, which I think makes perfect material.
Birthstone and Zodiac additions to customize future pieces
Thinking about doing some work with the birthstone color theme. Idea: Guitar pick pendant(s) that matches/compliments birthstone. I'd also like to incorporate zodiac signs to customize it more and create a custom listing where you can personalize your piece. More details TBA.

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