Star Wars Jewelry

Star Wars Guitar Pick Earrings (front)Star Wars Guitar Pick Earrings (back)
Star Wars guitar pick earrings featuring the light and dark sides of the force!
Sturdy galactic black guitar pick pendants painted with holographic glitter! Each earring shows a different side of the force, on the back is a star and the title "Star Wars." Even the red backing has the Star Wars logo with a Princess Leia sticker.

Star Wars Bottle Cap Jewelry with backingStar Wars Bottle Cap Jewelry
Repurposed bottle cap resin jewelry featuring the Star Wars trilogy!
I made two pins, a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings: Darth Vader Ring, The Empire Strikes Back Necklace, A New Hope Pin, Han & Leia Heart Pin, Return of the Jedi Earrings. The back side of bottle caps are painted and embellished with a Star Wars sticker embedded inside. Lots of glitter and VERY galactic!