HOW TO: Donate materials for guitar pick jewelry

Donate common packaging for guitar pick art

I've had quite a few inquiries in the past month from folks who want to send or drop off certain creative materials. Thankfully since I mostly cut apart and use common items like tissue boxes and folders I have a good ongoing supply. But not everything I make is like that.

 There are some things that I am on the look at for that are of particular interest to me. So I've made a list below of what those things are.

  • Shiny, glittery packaging
  • Calendars, particlarly rock themed ones. I use the back of the calendar where all the months are laid out in small images
  • Valentine's Day Candy boxes
  • Empty insence boxes
  • Shiny or sparkly gift bags
  • Empty cigarette boxes
  • Composition books
  • Glittery Christmas/Holiday cards
  • Extra or burnt out Christmas lights
How do you get these things to me? Send me a message at and we'll figure it out. I cut items down to less than a standard piece of paper 8.5" by 11". So feel free to cut down items to fit in envelopes. I can give you all the details once I receive your email.