Light Catching Guitar Pick Earrings

 My light catching guitar pick earrings have been selling so fast I haven't got a chance to photograph them! These earrings are made from sun catcher beads used for making stained glass. I had a lot of left over beads from projects before. I had a bunch of colors and wanted to utilize them. I made some pairs in red, blue and purple and they sold almost right away. Now for your viewing pleasure, here are my latest light catcher earrings...

Light Catching guitar pick earrings

These three pairs feature:

  • Red with glitter and Gold stars
  • Yellow with Gold and Stars
  • Purple with purple glitter

Other available light catcher bead colors: orange, blue, white, pink, clear and teal. 

✓ If you are interested in one of these, you can reserve them or send me an email.

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