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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Earrings to go with your Halloween costume!

Earrings to go with your Halloween costume!

Have you got your Halloween costume yet? Have you got all the right accents for it?

Check out these sets of earrings just in time for Halloween!

Hippie Chic - Great for any sort of flower child inspired Halloween costumes. Or every day Hippies.
Skull Charms - A cool costume accent, also comes in Black with Orange picks. Note: I recently added blue glitter onto the skulls, though I don't have an updated photo of it. They compliment Day of the dead costumes and Skeleton costumes. 
YIELD - Made of Orange & Yellow reflective material. Ideal for walking the streets on All Hallow's will shine in the head lights of oncoming cars.  
Cracked & Bloody - These clear cracked and bloodied guitar pick earrings are perfect for Zombie costumes and anything "scary." 

MORE Earrings to go with your Halloween costume!

Frozen Icicle - FROZEN Inspired Icicle Guitar pick Earrings! Three picks on each side covered with blue glitter made to look like icicles. The top pick features an icy blue & holographic glitter pendant with 2 transparent blue glitter painted picks!
GLOW IN THE DARK - These two pairs glow brightly in the dark after being exposed to (not much) light!
• Glow in the dark with green/blue gems.
• Glow in the dark with yellow/purple gems.
Gems are black light reactive (I know, I tested). These new pairs are shiny, glittery, glowy and black light reactive!